Monica Förster
Design Studio

We use poetic design philosophy to merge form and function with emotion and story. Our aim is to transform the utilitarian into the unforgettable, and the functional into the fascinating.

"We believe design is more than creating functional objects, it's about infusing a sense of poetry and artistry into the objects and spaces we create."

Jag ärvde en skog
Monica Förster x Ogeborg

I inherited a forest

I never wanted to come here
always longed to get away
As soon as I could
I traveled out into the world
and when I got home it wasn’t
voluntarily but reluctantly

But my father died
and I inherited a forest
it drew me here again
to the mountains, the colors and the shapes now I won’t come home
reluctantly but voluntarily

Bruno + 35 Mathsson-pristagare
Exhibition at Sven Harrys

Open between 26/1 - 7/4 2024

We are currently part of the Bruno + 35 Mathsson-pristagare exhibition at Sven Harrys in Stockholm, featuring Bruno Mathsson's timeless furniture alongside works from 35 leading Nordic designers, all recognised with the prestigious Bruno Mathsson Prize.

Join us in this exhibition where we, as honoured designers, share insights into the present, the future, and the path ahead.

Dorotea is awarded German Design Award 2024

Winner in the category "Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories"

Statement of the jury: "The 'Dorotea' collection combines soft, flowing shapes and lines with the colours of the Northern Lights and the metallic coolness of stainless steel to create an extraordinary design of timeless beauty and elegance."

Reed vase wins Red Dot Award

"The Red Dot Award is fantastic international recognition for Reed as a design and Orrefor's product expertise in interior design. It's absolutely vital that Swedish design continues to make headway internationally and this award provides Reed with a great development platform going forward."

– Monica Förster

AW Designer of the year 2023

Monica Förster Design Studio is awarded one of Europes' most prestigious design awards "AW Designer of the Year 2023" by AW Architektur & Wohnen

"I really like working with paper models. You will always discover things you didn’t anticipate from the beginning."

– Monica Förster

"The distinctive silhouette of the Suit, with its elegant open back and flowing lines, effortlessly matches the contours of the body."

"Our team shares a passion for culture, art, design, food, music, and nature. We love to explore the world together, whether that means trying new restaurants and wines, visiting museums and exhibitions, or simply enjoying each other's company."

Are you our next intern?

We are always looking for warm, highly motivated and talented interns to join our team.

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