Table accessories

Bianchi Café & Cycles, Cosentino Group, Stengruppen

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  • Year Completed: 2015
  • Design: Monica Förster Design Studio
  • Creative Director: Monica Förster
  • Team: Riccardo Paccaloni, Sophie Cappe, Valentine See

In this project we started the creative process from the material called Dekton, produced by Cosentino. Dekton is a high-tech stone material resisting fire, heat, freezing and thawing. An ultracompact surface material, easy to wipe if it becomes dirty or smoked. We designed this family of products for Bianchi Café & Cycles. Traylight can be used on tables, in a flexible way holding olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and tealights. The family also comes with a tray for espresso cups where each person also gets their own lighted candle.