• Year Completed: 2023
  • Design: Monica Förster Design Studio
  • Creative Director: Monica Förster
  • Team: Harald Sundberg, Alicia Knight

Reed is a series of exclusive vases in clear and moss green glass and is the result of our first collaboration with the Swedish heritage glassworks brand Orrefors.

In the creation of Reed, we began the design process by creating three-dimensional sketches in cardboard where the vases were given a strong character by emphasizing the mold lines instead of hiding them. When the sketch was transferred to glass, the distinct lines took on a sense of organic movement with a gentle sway in the glass.⁠

“In 2020 I spent time at Villa San Michele on Capri in a fantastic studio overlooking the Bay of⁠ Naples. During my time there I began to sketch and develop new forms inspired by Capri’s fantastic⁠ flora, where the idea for Reed was born. An interpretation of my own experiences of the landscape,⁠ where the grand and the barren meet the small and organic as a collective expression in this vase.”⁠ – Monica Förster ⁠

Reed is molded in clear glass and moss green, the collection comes in three different sizes: a high one for twigs and bigger flowers, a medium one for meadow flowers, and a low one just right for tulips.⁠