Monica Förster Bruno Mathsson Prize 2021



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  • Year Completed: 2021
  • Design: Monica Förster Design Studio
  • Creative Director: Monica Förster
  • Team: Johanna Fosselius, Harald Sundberg, Alicia Knight, Claire Chérigié

Monica Förster – winner of the Nordic region’s biggest design award the Bruno Mathsson prize 2021.

In the exhibition Monica Förster Bruno Mathsson Prize 2021 the visitor is invited to walk around the idea-clouds of Monica Förster Design Studio. The inflatable Clouds together with the naturally changing light in the room, amplified by the lighting designed by Kai Piippo from Light Bureau, creates a magical landscape and a feeling of walking among the clouds. Big boxes inspired by the studio’s presentation-boxes are spread around the room and displays carefully selected projects and process from the studio’s long and international design career.

”With her exhibition, Förster has created a new experience for the Design Barn at Vandalorum. She conveys a feeling of floating in the conceptual phase — in the cloud landscape of the mind if you will — through an installation that is dominated by her iconic inflatable room Cloud. Through the exhibition’s light design, developed by Kai Piippo, the natural daylight is enhanced, and condenses the experience of the constant versability of the sky.” – Elna Svenle, Museum director, Vandalorum