Hyper Human


Tekniska Museet

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  • Year Completed: 2020
  • Creative Director: Monica Förster
  • Team: Harald Sundberg, Zachary Hammersley, Alicia Knight

The Stockholm Technical Museum’s exhibition Hyper Human, is an exploratory experience of humanity’s relation to technology.

We wanted to produce an enveloping artificial world, a three-dimensional grid system with elements of broken, deconstructed architectural elements such as arches, windows and niches with the starting point in artificial intelligence technology. Throughout the exhibition, the rigid forms of man’s technological creation may encounter organic forms that are perhaps most reminiscent of nature, but which are actually the result of the human designers’ encounter with artificial intelligence.

“We can feed the system with different parameters, but allowing the computer to create with artificial intelligence means a certain degree of unpredictability. Something that fascinates us is that when we let go of the artificial intelligence to work freely, it prefers to choose organic forms over the rigid and engineering ones. It is a dream mission, which also included artificial intelligence as one of the brains of the team.”
– Monica Förster

Technical solutions by BAS