Beyond Black Exhibition

Scenography of the exhibition Beyond Black

Zanat, JUS

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  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Design: Monica Förster Design Studio
  • Creative Director: Monica Förster
  • Team: Anna-Kaisa Liehu, Ida Eklöf Johansson

Monica Förster Design Studio is succesfully taking a further step in the collaboration with the Bosnian furniture manufacturer Zanat. The exhibition Beyond Black that was shown at JUS in Stockholm during Stockholm Furniture Fair integrated Bosnian woodcarving with Sami-inspired pewter thread embroidery.

The mix between the two different cultures creates an interesting contrast but also links the two projects together in an unexpected way. The Sami embroidery has a reflective almost glowing surface which creates a contemporary expression to the project.

The word Black guides one to the unique collaboration, that was shown in the fashion store JUS, Brunnsgatan 7,  in its very special curated environment.