Ester – Light Installation

Stockholm Design Week 2023

SMD Design

  • Year Completed: 2023
  • Design: Monica Förster Design Studio
  • Creative Director: Monica Förster
  • Team: Harald Sundberg, Johanna Fosselius, Jade Buignet, Aleks Rasztawicki

Lighting a candle for your loved ones has long been a meaningful tradition in both religious and secular ceremonies, serving as a symbol of hope and reflection.⁠

During Stockholm Design Week 2023 we invited everyone to Sofia Church at Vita Bergsparken so experience an exhibition⁠ of light and calm.

The exhibition where not only taking place during Stockholm Design Week but also fittingly enough during the week of Candlemas, a week where people traditionally came to church to get their candles blessed for the coming year.⁠

With the exhibition and event we wanted to provide a moment of serenity for reflections and thoughts. With the option of lighting a candle and participate in a time of reflection.⁠

Ester is a candle holder designed by us and manufactured in Sweden by SMD Design. It was originally designed for a cemetery in the north of Sweden, created by the landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell. The candle holder is made in cast aluminium, steel and glass.⁠

The distinctive shape of Ester is inspired by the shape of flames and symbolises remembrance and reflection, providing a meaningful way to honour and remember those who are no longer with us.⁠