I sometimes say that I’m not interested in form, but that may not be entirely true. What I mean is simply that the idea behind each project is more important. When the idea is set I focus on shape, colour and detail.

Monica Förster

Monica Förster

Creator of some of the most internationally renowned objects in contemporary Swedish design today, grew up close to the Artic circle in the very north of Sweden. Her work is characterized by a strong sense of pure form mixed with a never ending curiosity for new materials and technology. Always trying to work in a cross-disciplinary way, she invents and renews typologies in industrial, furniture and object design.

Monica Förster, one of the top names within Swedish design, has created some of the future’s classic designs. Monica Förster Design Studio is based in Stockholm and works on an international level with companies such as Volvo, Tecno, Alessi, Cappellini, Poltrona Frau, De Padova, Bernhardt, Whirlpool, Georg Jensen, Eric Joergensen, Offecct, Swedese and Rörstrand.

Since 2015 , Monica works as a creative advisor for a number of companies in the design industry.  She sees the importance of maintaining and developing tradition by creating furniture and objects with a modern cut in old craft techniques.

Monica has also been involved in launching the recognized Bosnian company Zanat, listed for UNESCO World Heritage Site. She strives to move the company on an international market, working with the vision, and initiating new collaborations.

She has been awarded many Swedish and international awards as the Designer of the Year and the prestigious Sweden’s Architect Association Award, The Golden Chair. Her work has been exhibited all over the world in museums and institutions such as Moma NY and VA Museum, London. Monica Förster has also been represented in The International Design Yearbook.

Selected awards

2021 – Pristagare
Bruno Mathsson-priset, Sverige

2021 – Årets designer
Elle Deco Design Awards, Sverige

2020 – Årets designer
Residence Stora Formpris, Sverige

2020 – Årets möbel
Elle Deco Design Awards, Sverige

2020 – Winner, Best of Year Awards
Interior Design magazine, US

2019 – Lauritz Icon Award

2018 – Årets inredningsaccesoar
Elle Deco Design Awards, Sverige

2017 – Interior Innovation Award
IMM Cologne Selection, Tyskland

2016 – Dorotea Kommuns Kulturstipendium, Sverige

2015 – Årets designer
Elle Deco Design Awards, Sverige

2015 – Guldstolen
Sveriges Arkitekter, Sverige

2015 – Interior Innovation Award
IMM Cologne Winner, Tyskland

2014 – Årets inredningsdetalj
Årets Rum, Sverige

2014 – Best Window Sill
Wallpaper* Design Awards, UK

2013 – Årets produkt för det dukade bordet
Elle Deco Design Awards, Sverige

2012 – Årets bestick
Residence Formpris, Sverige

2011 – Winner
Good Design Award, US

2011 – Årets soffa
Residence Formpris, Sverige

2011 – Årets lampa
Residence Formpris, Sverige

2010 – Best Domestic Design
Wallpaper* Design Awards, UK

2009 – Arbetsstipendium 5år
Konstnärsnämnden, Sverige

2008 – Årets designer
Elle Deco Design Awards, Sverige

2006 – Årets designer
Residence Stora Formpris, Sverige

2006 – Årets stol
Residence Formpris, Sverige

2004 – Coolest Invention
Time Magazine, US

2004 – Arbetsstipendium 5år
Konstnärsnämnden, Sverige

2002 – Hedersomnämnande
Utmärkt Svensk Form, Sverige

2002 – Diplom
Utmärkt Svensk Form, Sverige

2000 – Design Plus
German Design Council, Tyskland

1999 – Arbetsstipendium 2år
Konstnärsnämnden, Sverige

1997 – Projektbidrag
Konstnärsnämnden, Sverige

1996 – Projektbidrag
Konstnärsnämnden, Sverige

1995 – Avgångsstipendium
Beckmans Designhögskola, Sverige




Sketch Book

Förster, 2014, Monica Förster skisser, Båstad, Nivå 125 Båstad

Lateral  Thinking 

N. Beatrice, 2013, Monica Förster/Lateral Thinking, Stockholm, Arvinius Förlag

Monica Förster Designer

Rude & M. Dytham, 2005, Monica Förster designer, Stockholm, Poeform/Berner